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Cook Orthodontics Transformations

Crowding of the teeth

Patient started treatment at age 12 and wore braces for just over 2 years. Severe crowding of the teeth sometimes requires permanent tooth extraction, but in this case, we were able this and we fit in all of her permanent teeth and created a beautiful smile.

Open bite – front teeth don’t touch

Patient had a tongue thrust habit and began early treatment to improve this severe bite problem. She had braces and a special appliance to retrain the tongue. Because of early intervention, she now has a great smile and can even bite the lettuce out of a sandwich.

Severe Open bite and jaw pain

This patient experienced severe jaw pain, headaches, and the discomfort of being unable to chew anything. Her situation was severe enough to require jaw surgery. Her final result was worth the hard work as she was thrilled with her beautiful smile and the ability to function without pain.

Deep overbite – damaging overlap

This adolescent patient with severe overbite complained of her lower front teeth constantly biting into her palate. This was corrected by eliminating the damaging overlap with upper and lower braces. This also reduces the amount of damaging tooth wear that will occur in the future.

Missing lateral incisors

This patient had 2 lateral incisors that were congenitally missing. His orthodontic treatment moved the remaining teeth into their correct positions. Then, with the help of a great dentist, the missing teeth were replaced with dental implants and his ideal bite was restored.

Underbite – Lower teeth in front of upper teeth

Patient’s underbite was causing significant wear on his teeth as well as damaging recession to the gums around his lower teeth. Early intervention created much healthier gums and teeth and meant that future jaw surgery would NOT be needed to correct these serious bite problems

Early treatment – growth issues

This patient was seen at age 10 for early “phase 1” intervention to prevent damaging effects to the gums and teeth. This greatly improves the likelihood that costly jaw surgery will NOT be needed to correct a serious bite problem. Once all of his permanent teeth finish erupting, he will complete his smile transformation with a phase 2 treatment.

Early treatment – severe crowding

Patient’s parents were concerned that their daughter was being teased at school when they brought her in to our office at age 8. After 10 months of phase-one treatment her appearance, dental function, and self-confidence were vastly improved.

Overjet – Protruding front teeth

This 11 year old patient was very concerned about how far her teeth “stuck out”. Protruding front teeth are not only unsightly but can also be at much higher risk for traumatic fracture. After braces and an appliance to correct her jaw position she could chew and smile with confidence.

Spacing of teeth

This adult patient had lived with severe spacing for a long time but was ready to do something about it. After 15 months all of his spaces were closed and resulted in an ideal bite. Special bonded retainers help keep the spaces closed.

Non- surgical profile change

Orthodontic correction isn’t always just about the teeth. This patient was able to benefit from a significant improvement in her facial profile which gave her a more pleasing chin. This was all accomplished without any jaw surgery. Timing of this type of treatment is critical in achieving an ideal outcome.

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